Mike Mains & The Branches

Mike Mains & The Branches

Mike Mains, a Detroit based musician, loves rock and roll. He also loves the creative craft of large hooks and lyrical sensibility. His earnest honesty is evident in his music, his shows, his life. Mike approaches his musical passion with lunch pal in hand, hammering out meaningful, well crafted songs like a skilled tradesman.

With two full length albums and an EP(2012’s “Home”, 2013’s “Everything” EP and 2014’s “Calm Down, Everything’s Fine”), Mike has established himself as a more than just a song writer, he’s a song “crafter”. With high octane rockers like “Miracle”(Home), “Stereo”(Home), “Take it All”(CDEF), and “Burn”(CDEF) or slower, emotional tracks like “Lady Love”(Home), “Drifter”(Home, or “Where Love Dies”(CDEF) there is plenty to choose from for music lovers alike.

Performing over 300 shows the last 3 years, Mike Mains has built a committed fan base. His shows have proven to be high energy, interactive and exciting. 2016 has seen him captivate audiences in any setting. Wanting to offer an unique, intimate view into his songs, he played his first 9 week “Living Room Tour”. This 35 date North American tour brought him into the homes and backyards of fans to perform his songs in a new context. The shows received raving reviews and many sold out shows.

Mike again will enter the studio in 2017 to record his 3rd full length LP. Early demos’ point to an expansion of his already established foundation: exciting rock and roll.

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