Broken Tribe: Pauly x Nur Ali

Nur Ali is a product of West Philadelphia. His childhood was filled with the beat and rhythm of America’s original city of R&B. A hobby for music became a passion, and then a constant belief that through music he could make the world better. Nur Ali is a young talent, and continues growing as an artist. Nur Ali released his first EP titled “Her Type” in April 2018. Nur Ali Then released the song that will soon change his Career titled “Broken Record” on October 5th 2018. As an artist, he is slowly building his catalog of music to add depth & substance to his name.


Pauly is a Philadelphia based artist with a new platform. Building his foundation in the music industry with his lyricism and melodic vocal tones.

He plans to take the world by storm by delivering the true essence of his being through his music; allowing his audience to not only discover him, but also themselves using his art as reference.



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