Murphy's Law

Since the mid-1980s, for many rebellious kids, experiencing a Murphy's Law show has been a rite of passage. The guys in Murphy's Law always put on more than a live show & their performances are big parties where everyone's invited. A mainstay of the NYC scene for years, extensive touring has secured Murphy's Law as a perennial favorite of hardcore fans everywhere.
Over the course of their career, Murphy's Law have recorded five classic full-length albums of angst-ridden punk songs: "Murphy's Law" (1986), "Back With A Bong" (1989), "Best of Times" (1991), "Dedicated" (1996), which was produced by Daniel Rey and "The Party's Over" (2002). Countless singles and covers have been recorded throughout the bands career which are listed on their website

Murphy's Law have been touring Japan, Europe and the U.S for years despite record label support, thus proving themselves to be one of the hardest working bands out there as well as the hardest rocking.

Known for their great live shows and party ethics, Murphy's Law is a true relic in the New York Hard Core scene. Let the party begin again!

The Monkeychunks

Three Grown Bastards out to prove that Punk Rock Keeps you Young!
Suburban Street Punk spanning from NY's South Shore to NJ's Jersey Shore. Old school punk, snotty power pop, traces of hardcore and Oi! All the things that will make you Pogo 'til your pants fall down. Bring the kids. Heck, bring the babysitter. We're pretty sure her taste in music sucks and her pants are ugly. Everybody's pants are gonna fall down and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Come out early. Stay late. Have a beer. Have a shot. Have a banana. Have an aneurysm. Freak out and go apeshit!


Just 3 Punks from Dirty Jersey makin noise


Speed/thrash metal band from Highland Lakes, New Jersey, USA formed in 1985.
Active: 1985-1987, 2005-present.

Current lineup:
Pat Burns: Bass
Marc Grossman: Drums
Tim Scherer: Guitars
Pat Nemeth: Guitars
John Scherer: Vocals

Past members:
Rich McGahan: Drums
Tony Scaglione: Drums
Peter Pollack: Drums

Groundwork is a 4 piece heavy rock band from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, formed by brothers Brittan and Colby Meyer. It all began with basement jamming on just the drums and guitar, but not too long after, childhood friend and bassist Trevor Behmke would soon join the group to make the loud even louder. Since then, the trio went through a rotating line up of singers, trying to find and hone their sound as a band. After a few attempts of trying to a voice for the band, vocalist Johnny Spagz would soon enter the picture, forming the band that is now known as Groundwork. The band is currently writing and playing music within the Philadelphia and surrounding areas

Moot Point



$20 in advance, or $25 cash at the door. 

$5 Food & Beverage Minimum collected in cash at door for ages under 21; Voucher redeemable in restaurant. 

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