The Nth Power

Proving that soul music can be exponentially greater than the sum of its parts, The Nth Power is on a mission to share the light. Formed during an impromptu late-night jam at Jazz Fest 2012 in New Orleans, the relentlessly funky and soulful band believes in music as a higher power tapping into an energy that is simultaneously sexy and spiritual, with songs that will inspire audiences to dance, groove, make love or just stand there with goose bumps.

The trio hails from diverse musical backgrounds, races and creeds. Female powerhouse Nikki Glaspie was Beyonce’s world-touring drummer for five years before she joined Ivan Nevilles New Orleans funk outfit, Dumpstaphunk. Bassist Nate Edgar of Groovechild and John Browns Body perfectly compliments singer and guitarist Nick Cassarino who came from the Jennifer Hartswick Band and toured with Big Daddy Kane.

The Nth Power’s 2013 independent EP, Basic Minimum Skills Test, showcases a first glimpse of the spark shared among the group, delivering gospel-style vocals with soul, jazz, funk and world-beat riffs in nearly mathematical fashion. They have followed up that release with a studio album in 2015 “Abundance” produced by Ira Schickman and live release “To Be Free” in 2016 recorded and mixed by Paul Diaz.

“It’s my dream team,” said Glaspie, “each one of us is a songwriter, so when we get together, everything becomes that much stronger.” Beyond raw skill, however, Glaspie cites a deep spiritual connection as the glue that binds them together. “Music is what brought us together, but its the spiritual bond that makes us play so in touch with each other,” she explained. And at the core of their vibe is a deviously simple concept the healing power of love.

The Nth Power’s inspirational sets have floored audiences at music festivals like Electric Forest, Bear Creek, Catskill Chill and North Coast Music Festival. The band has been relentlessly touring and writing for the past 4 years since their inception and continue to grow in their mission as they spread love and healing through music across the land.

Although the band members are based across the East Coast, they maintain New Orleans as their spiritual home, and the celebratory essence of that city’s music culture is audible in each performance.

Simply put, there is something pretty magical happening in this band, and they’re only just getting started. “Were going as far as you can go on the planet Earth and playing music,” explains Glaspie, “I don’t know how many times we’ve said it we are so blessed.”

Together, The Nth Power wants to change lives through a message of musical love and understanding.

Brian Mlodzinski aka “DJ GOURD” is a lover of all things music. Originally starting out as a kid growing up in New York City recording radio shows to cassette tape during the ‘80s on KISS and WBLS during the golden era of hip-hop with DJ’s like Red Alert, Chuck Chillout and Marley Marl, DJ Gourd has always dug deep into the roots and history of music, being a collector of records and music in all formats. After starting to make and share around cassette mixtapes in the ‘90s, it was around 2003 that DJ Gourd started to DJ at parties and local bars mixing his choice selection of deep cuts and crowd favorites to move any dance floor in any place at any time. Fast forward a few years and with the help of some friends, the legendary CRAQ Barn parties were born and DJ Gourd became a staple on the late night DJ scene closing out many events with marathon 6, 8 or even 10 hour sets until 8 or 9 am.

In addition to performing in New Orleans for Jazz Fest house parties, Telluride, Colorado, New York City and all over New York State, DJ Gourd has set the vibe in many environments including DJing Dap Kings after-parties and opening for many local and national acts such as Break Science, Tony Touch, Rich Medina, Mad Professor, Tony Allen, Turquaz, Big Sam, Big Mean Sound Machine, Jimkata and many others over the past 17 years. To keep the dance floor moving, DJ Gourd pulls from his diverse record collection of Funk, Soul, Afro-beat, Rock, Country and Old School Rap comprised of over 4,000 7” and 3,000 12” records. Not being one to only be stuck in the DJ booth, as a guitarist DJ Gourd started the 10 piece funk/soul band Mutron Warriors in 2006 as a way to recreate some of the rare records in his collection and has now continued that tradition with a new band called the Comb Down, based around the sounds of the Hammond B3 organ and soul jazz music of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s.

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