Colorado Shakespeare Festival: Macbeth

Colorado Shakespeare Festival: Macbeth

This free, public performance of Macbeth is part of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival's Shakespeare in Violence Prevention program. CSF’s touring program uses live performance and the latest school violence research to teach students intervention strategies they can use effectively to prevent violence when they see it. Parents and teachers are encouraged to bring children and students to this groundbreaking program.

How does it work? Professional actors from CSF perform an abridged Shakespeare play followed by a talk back that helps students connect situations in the play to situations they face every day. Students are encouraged to step into the shoes of characters from the play and find safe, creative solutions to mitigating violence.

About the play:
Macbeth wants to be king, but what will it take to get there? Pressured by three witches, he and his wife suppress their "human kindness" in favor of a violent path - with devastating consequences.

Run time: approximately 45 minutes, with Q&A to follow




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