SISTER, Skyler Lutes, Sweet Lorraine

SISTER is an acoustic folk band based in Brooklyn. The group is comprised of long-time friends Hannah Pruzinsky and Ceciliana Sturman.

SISTER's aim is to create a raw, unadulterated sound that encompasses inner dialogue amongst a being's demons and self, surrenderence, and empowerment.

Skyler Lutes

Sweet Lorraine

Sweet Lorraine is comprised of musicians Sarah Schmidt and John McCurry. Sweet Lorraine combines the simplicity of organic singer/songwriter whimsy along with components of rock and soul.

Sarah Schmidt is a singer/songwriter and classically trained pianist currently recording and performing in New York City. In addition to the piano, Sarah writes and performs on guitar. Besides writing her own material, Sarah has been engaged in film and TV work. John McCurry is a guitarist and songwriter, also based in New York City. John has performed across the globe and acted as musical director for many of his tours. He continues to perform and compose songs for artists, as well as create music for TV and film.



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