The New Colossus Festival Presents:  Yohuna, Victoria Reed, Be Forest, BOYS

Chicago locals YAWN have dubbed themselves “three young riff-raffs with a taste for musical adventure." Their latest EP, Day Trip, was a tropical blasts of summer-time indie-rock, complete with shimmering guitars and soaring harmonies.

Johanne Swanson, a native to Wisconsin currently residing in Brooklyn, has been writing and releasing music since 2011. Patientness, released in 2016, is an ode to patience: taking things slowly, enduring through difficulty, finding strength within yourself when what's familiar feels so far away.

One spring evening four years ago, Victoria Reed played her cards right. Sitting on the bed in her apartment in Chicago’s Wicker Park, she shuffled her tarot deck and laid out her life: For her present, she pulled the Death card—“and it felt spot on,” she says. A philosophy major at DePaul University, she had fallen down the rabbit hole of reason and was in the midst of an existential crisis par excellence, doubting everything and ready to give up. But then she played her future card: The Chariot. “It’s about overcoming any previous difficulties,” she explains. “It’s about triumph.”

Band from Pesaro, Italy.

BOYS formed in late 2014, based on a mutual appreciation for the lo-fi/shoegaze scene. Initially BOYS released a handful of small demos throughout 2015, receiving a great response from the online community, racking up over 15,000 plays in a short space of time.


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