The New Colossus Festival:  Dusted, Flirting, Lava Fizz, Radiant Baby, Lev Snowe, Baywaves, Jonathan K


Indie que despliega melodías ensoñadoras, atmósferas luminosas y artillería guitarrera, todo ello grabado en los Estudis Favela de Palma.

Félix Mongeon, aka Radiant Baby has been making a name for himself in the Montreal music scene for the last three years. Since his early beginnings, his rich and festive electro-pop production has won over fans and media alike. Following his flamboyant debut EP “It’s My Party” in 2017, Radiant Baby starts afresh with his first full length, due out in February 2019.

Since graduating high school, Lev Snowe has spent his days tinkering away in his bedroom studio building up his psychedelic Xanadu. Raised on the warm hiss of 70s soul jazz recordings, the slack chill of the L.A. beat scene, and the nostalgic synth swaying of Boards of Canada, this Canadian songwriter/producer creates an atmosphere that is both washed out and danceable — pensive, yet uplifting.

Indie pop group based in Madrid, Spain.

Jonathan K

Intimate, lush pop music for late nights and early mornings



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