Aphex Twin

UK electronic musician.

Born: 18 August 1971 in Limerick, County Limerick, Ireland.

Grammy Award winning composer, in 1991 he co-founded the Rephlex label with Grant Wilson-Claridge. After having released a number of albums and EPs on Rephlex, Warp Records, and other labels under many aliases, he gained more and more success from the mid-1990s with releases such as "Come To Daddy" (1997), #36 on UK charts, and "Windowlicker" (1999), #16 on UK charts.

The two classic Aphex Twin logos were designed in 1991-1992 by Paul Nicholson (2).

Aïsha Devi

Swiss-Nepalese producer, vocalist and label owner running Danse Noire


DJ and producer based in US.

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