Joey Harkum

Joey Harkum

Joey Harkum is a singer-songwriter hailing from Pasadena, MD. For over a decade, Joey has performed all around the country as the lead singer of the band Pasadena.

Joey has a unique way of connecting with his fans through deep, poignant lyrics which tell stories of happiness, love, loss, and sadness. Joey is currently embarking on his first solo venture and will be touring the nation performing his unique brand of Americana.


Nick and Chris were members of Cleveland ska/punk legends the Glow Pop Jiggly Jams- after the Glow Pop's disbandment, they started personsplacesthings. Initially writing and playing emo tunes, they put out two EP's and played the Cleveland scene consistently for two years.

After a short hiatus, personsplacesthings resumed their quest, with newly recruited Jake Grahn (formerly of defunct Kent-based band Sumpin' Sweet) on bass, with a new blues twist, but the same driving spirit and even bigger goals.

Fan favorites like "I Want Love" and "Asking for a Friend" aim to catch your ear with their classic sound and careful meanings; songs like "A Patch of Asphalt Among Concrete" take you somewhere with their inspired songwriting and emotional builds. personsplacesthings has a special place in the hearts of their fans - their goal is to put themselves in front of as many people as possible.

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