Caleb Henry and The Customs, Tom Sless

Caleb Henry and The Customs

Caleb Henry is a musician from Southern California who plays a unique blend of Southern Rock, Blues, and Folk. He draws his inspiration from faith, family, and the everyday experiences of life. Be it love or loss he’s found that “as long as you got a heart you got somethin to say.”

Since moving to Los Angeles from the Jersey Shore in 2014, Tom Sless has been channeling his East Coast roots and West Coast residence to write songs that connect with the shared experiences felt throughout our country. From love, friendships and the good times, to loss, inner strife and the not-so-good times, Tom’s music conveys a fresh look at some of life’s most familiar moments. His true-to-form sound is reminiscent of fellow Jerseyite Bruce Springsteen, as well as other of Bruce’s contemporaries (The Band, Tom Petty). However, Tom’s voice breaks the mold of your typical Americana stylings, more reminiscent of the rich baritone of Roy Orbison or Jim Morrison. As he continues his musical journey at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA this Fall, Tom looks to refine and refresh his perspective on life’s many experiences and continue to share his songs on a stage near you.



  • Tom Sless - 9:30
  • Caleb Henry and The Customs - 10:35

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