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We Are A Rock N Roll Band From Atlanta, GA Bringing Light to the Darkest Days!

Bonemeal Baker

Bonemeal Baker is the grizzled alter-persona of Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Russ Bledsoe, conceived in order to differentiate Bledsoe's blues repertoire from numerous other solo recordings under the nom-de-guerre Russ Bledsoe and A Hypothetical Circus, as well as those of recent projects The Green Hit, NeoGriot, and Dialect Trio.

Bledsoe's lifelong passion for the Blues, specifically that of the North Mississippi Hill Country tradition, with its focus on rhythmic, percussive arrangements, has propelled and informed a career that has run the gambit from hard psychedelic and progressive Rock, to Reggae, to Dub and Downtempo, Afrobeat, Latin Jazz, and ultimately to the transnational polyethnic fusion sound of Dialect Trio, providing an undercurrent of soul and the flavors of the American South throughout all his work.

Foregoing the snazzy, complicated fingerpicking intricacies of more familiar Delta and Piedmont Blues styles, Bonemeal's music is primitive, pounding, repetitive, tied inextricably to the music's West African roots. It embraces the grittiness, darkness, and wild-eyed fervor that only the Blues at its most basic can deliver to the soul.

His upcoming full-length debut, Violent Songs of A Violent People, is a Southern Gothic exploration of themes that featured so heavily in the lives of his Southeastern Cracker forebears, including violence, vice, lust and love, poverty and class consciousness, race, and religious zeal. It is a dark and heady brew, at once bitter and sublime, that will not fail to set the listener's head to buzzing.

The Ain't Sisters

Forged in the murky depths of a Folly Beach holding cell, the Ain't Sisters have transcended their origins as outlaw street performers to grace the stages of the Southeast with their unique brand of funk-infused, blues-driven Indie Rock.

The power duo fronting this outfit, composed of Arrie Bozeman and Barb Carbon, blends tight harmonies and smart lyrics with soulful, booty-shakin' melodies. Dynamic musicians and songwriters, they share an equal propensity for irony, humor, ferocity, and heart-on-sleeve authenticity.

With common roots in Atlanta, Georgia, Arrie and Barb have been friends and cohorts for over 10 years, but The Ain't Sisters is their first official venture. Together, their musical influences range from Patty Griffin to Prince and from Lucinda Williams to Rage Against the Machine. Their shared belief system is underpinned by the idea of music as community - that it should be fun and bring people together, and that's exactly what they intend to do.

With the addition of Justin Boudreau on bass, John Cowin on drums, Ian Klin on Keys, and guest appearances by Chris "Critter" Ricker on transcendental electric guitar, Mario Raygmusic Gant on the tenor sax, Brad Bauman on harmonica, and Richie Jones on percussion, The Ain't Sisters have matured and expanded and have earned their place as one of Atlanta's premier original acts.

Their long awaited and much anticipated debut studio album, "Marrow," was released November 23, 2018.

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