LFacting presents “Reverse Dramaturgy”

Labros Filippou

Labros Filippou is a well renowned Teacher of Drama and Stage Performance, as well as a multi-disciplinary artist, from Greece.
Since 2009 he has been mentoring artists from all over the world. Actors, directors, performers, musicians, singers, poets and other professionals who implement their artistic and oratory craft via their voice, body and the spoken word.
Labros believes that in order to achieve pure artistic expression, one must break free of all techniques and beliefs about what that art form is. Acting to him is not about being smart, it is about re-acting.
“His purpose isn’t to teach you a technique, but to free you of technique.”


“REVERSE DRAMATURGY” opens a new circle of Workshops for LFacting and Labros Filippou in Europe and the US. This is an exercise about freedom of expression and an educational task about breaking free of all the behavioral patterns and comfort zones that obstruct expression. This is a work about the revelation of the on stage character through the on stage relationships.
A Reverse Dramaturgical Analysis and Approach, where the performer won’t get in the on stage relationship obeying to all the characteristics that the theatrical condition suggests nor will they walk according to the theatrical forms that “make sense” due to the genre of the theatrical, musical, dance or so act.
The performers will walk on stage naked and clean from all the pre-decided characteristics and behavioral elements of the role, in order for them to witness their own revelation by engaging to the relationships through dialogue.

This revelation will “dress the performer up” with all that the here and now suggests. Labros’ longterm affair with music, strongly influenced him and led to the understanding and revelation that speech is a music partiture.
Embracing this fact and philosophy is a rewarding experience, in that the spoken word becomes an intricately detailed path, drenched in raw truth and your instincts are the guiding light. Through the ancient axis of rhythm, melody and harmony, which is what music consists of, the performer becomes the
maestro of her/his own words.



"LFacting presents “Reverse Dramaturgy” at Zebulon.

A Stage Performance Workshop by Labros Filippou for actors, directors (cinema/theater), writers, and also performers, musicians, singers, dancers and poets of all kinds and levels of experience.

* Directors, yes this workshop is all about the work you do with the actors. It’s about the Architecture of Relationships on set/stage.
* Writers, the word "Dramaturgy" describes your identity in its whole, as the Dramaturgist is actually the Writer. So, this workshop is also about you.
* Please, feel free to bring your musical instruments, if you know or don’t really know how to play one."

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