Acoqui, Brother Cephus

Shoegaze Doo Wop Goth Rock

Band Members
Alberto Hernandez - Vox, Guitar
Tyson Bodiford - Drums
Aaron Borowicz - Bass

Brother Cephus

Brother Cephus may have risen from unintentional origins, but for real-life brothers Gabe and Seth Davis, their musical union is anything but accidental. The Davis brothers have been musicians for more than half of their lives. Throughout their journey, they led parallel lives, both playing supporting roles in separate touring bands, taking them to every state in the U.S. and to countries all over the world. . However diverted their paths may have once taken them; they each shared more in common than just DNA. They were both songwriters.

During their former years, the brothers were both busy writing consistently on their own, but soon discovered that they were stronger together. “We respected each other’s abilities and we both had a lot to say, but we also wanted to be a part of what the other was doing,” says Gabe Davis.

Gabe and Seth’s common admiration for great music and devotion to penning honest lyrics led them to each other, and ultimately their natural progression into a band. In 2014, Brother Cephus hit the ground running by releasing Wounded Hearts: Collections 1 and 2. Laid-back folk-guitar stylings, coupled with smooth and fluid drum beats, propelled Brother Cephus forward and helped to garner attention for the band, as they built a fan base in their hometown of Tampa, Florida.

Brother Cephus’ second EP, Noise, was released the following year and took the Davis brothers in a somewhat different direction. Noise’s five tracks were highlighted by a far more aggressive and punchy sound, lending inspiration to their future work.

Following the release of Noise, Brother Cephus went back to writing what eventually led to the creation of their their new collection Not That Important. Opening up to new elements in their sound, Gabe and Seth felt a natural tug away from their folk and indie-rock beginnings. According to Gabe, their new sound has a “hint of Americana and old-rock & roll, but also some post-punk elements....”

For Brother Cephus, writing and recording together is an invaluable experience. “I’m always excited to hear Gabe’s songs, even though they’re our songs. When Gabe played, “How do you do?” I knew, hell yeah, this playful, kind of anxious song fits perfectly where we’re at,” says Seth Davis.

With Not That Important the brothers have evolved and honed in on their own unique new sound, while harmonizing their past and their present. Delightfully buoyant and guitar-centric songs such as “Can We Then?,” juxtaposed with the provocative mellow stylings of more groovy tracks like “Toxic Slip” and the moody “Not Even You,” create a steady ebb and flow throughout the entirety of the 22 minute EP. Each track has its own distinct personality, while simultaneously finding it’s place within the collection.

Though a young band, there is nothing inexperienced about the sound they’ve created with Not That Important, and for Brother Cephus, this is just the beginning. Ultimately, their goal is to create open and honest music while navigating “a very abnormal social climate.” When asked what the future has in store for Brother Cephus, Gabe says that he’ll continue, “writing music, recording, and playing shows with my best friend. [We’ll] Just continue doing what we are doing... hopefully reaching more and more people in the process.”

Brother Cephus will self-released the six-song collection Not That Important on July 21, 2017 on all major digital retailers, streaming partners, and vinyl at
By Casey A. Barrett

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