Allen Strickland Williams

Allen Strickland Williams

Allen Strickland Williams is a stand-up comedian and writer in Los Angeles. Allen has
performed stand up on Conan twice and can be seen in Cooking On High on Netflix and
Corporate on Comedy Central. Other TV credits include Comedy Dynamics: Coming to the
Stage on Hulu, After Darth from Abominable Pictures and Flophouse on Viceland. Allen was
recently listed as one of the 10 Best Rising Stars in LA Comedy by THE CULTURE TRIP and
appeared at the 2016 New York Comedy Festival as one of Comedy Central’s Comics to
Watch, a showcase for the hottest up-and-coming comedians in the nation. Allen will be
taping his half-hour comedy special for Comedy Central in New Orleans in early 2019.

Susanna Lee

Susanna Lee is a standup comic, storyteller, and patron saint to provocateurs everywhere. She has done so much sh*t.
She’s been professionally touring the country since August 20, 1996, when the Kramer International entertainment group, out of WhoCaresville, Michigan booked her on a college comedy tour, with a show titled “You Laugh, You Lose”. It was every bit as rigorously dispiriting as the title of the show would suggest, but her passion for performing survived, and in September 2017, Susanna Lee gave her first TED talk at TEDxKU, on the University of Kansas campus, where she’s also guest lectured on the artistry of standup comedy.

In addition to being a professional comedian, she’s lived a life filled with brilliantly odd adventures, including time spent performing with a circus sideshow, teaching yoga, and navigating the sex industry, all of which have contributed to the highly engaging and truly unique voice and presence for which she’s known and loved. She's been heard on Sirius XM's Raw Dogs comedy channel, seen on "Girls Behaving Badly", Viceland's "Party Legends", and, for a quick second in 2010, "Last Comic Standing". Since 2014, she's produced and hosted her own nationally touring story show, "Dirty Birdie Story Hour" (select content can be found on Susanna Lee has been a guest on a ton of podcasts, including "The Mental Illness Happy Hour" with Paul Gilmartin, and Joey "Coco" Diaz's "The Church Of What's Happening Now".

She's performed in numerous festivals, including-but-not-limited-to the Chicago, Bridgetown, Riot Grrrl, and Ventura Comedy Festivals, the Show-Me, Southern Fried, Best Of The Midwest, Colorado, New Orleans, and New York Burlesque Festivals and also held a headlining spot in the 2013 New Zealand Burlesque Fest. Susanna created, produced, and starred in the webseries, "Peeping Comics", and co-produced and starred in the subsequent documentary "Pervs", which was featured at the 2015 LA Comedy Festival, and won “Best Documentary” in the 2017 LA Femme Film Fest.

She performed for the father of the modern-day sitcom, Norman Lear, on his 93rd birthday. Did you? She both calls to mind, and answers the age-old question: "where do the tattoos end, and the daddy issues begin?". She has excellent table manners, is fully housebroken, and comes with a 10-year, 100,000 mile, bumper-to-bumper warranty.

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