Battle of the Bands at MadLife!

Battle of the Bands

Battle of the Bands is an evening dedicated to local and regional musicians, aspiring and professionals alike, giving them the opportunity to take our stage and present their performance and songwriting talents to an audience comprised of people who truly appreciate great bands, original music and live performances.  

The Battle of the Bands, is an event for musicians presenting all musical genres. Bands are typically comprised of 2-6 musicians. There are no age limitations, but all those taking MadLife’s stage should be skilled musicians. We encourage featured bands to perform original music, although that is not an absolute requirement.

MadLife typically features 5-7 bands for each Battle of the Bands event. Each band is provided 5 minutes to set up their gear and 15-20 minutes to perform their set, depending on the set time defined each night at MadLife. Bands are free to play as many songs as they like, as long as their set does not exceed the set time for the evening. The specific length of the set will be defined by MadLife the evening of the show, based upon how many Bands are performing that night.

After all participants have performed their sets, MadLife engineers will score the performances of each band based on audience applause. Audience applause levels will be measured by MadLife engineers utilizing a decibel (sound pressure level) meter. In addition, a panel of judges selected by MadLife will also rank the bands and award scores.

The audience scores and the MadLife judges’ scores will be added to determine the top 3 scoring bands for the night, and those bands will be deemed the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize winners for that bi-weekly round.  Those top 3 bands will be invited to return to MadLife for our Battle of the Bands Final Competition. Bands not winning one of the top 3 positions in a bi-weekly competition may return to compete in future bi-weekly competitions.

From Worlds Alike

We are a funky alternative rock band with a fusion of jazz, metal, and blues mixed in. Our songs can get comfortably groovy or vigorously intricate. Our singing drummer and saxophonist bring a new edge to modern rock music.

LA Drone

LA Drone is a new four-piece rock band based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Formed in 2018 by singer, Sebastian Darmo, and members of the touring alternative band, Chopped Up Tulips, LA Drone seeks to bring new life to the rock scene. With influences ranging from Led Zeppelin to Rage Against the Machine, LA Drone creates a unique rock n roll sound.

Timmy James and the Blue Flames

Timmy James and the Blue Flames is a rock band based in Atlanta.
Guitar / Vocals: Timmy James
Guitar: Matt Sickles
Bass: Steve McPeeks
Drums: Dave Mead
With a 70s feel, their refreshing original tunes are for everyone to listen to and enjoy. The meolodies which are reminiscent of David Bowie, Frank Zappa, and Queen, are sure to delight the senses. The leader of the band, Timmy James, studied classical music exclusively in the late 80s in Athens under John Sutherland. In the early 90s he began playing rock again with the band Something, which then became the even more popular Super X-13. After a deal with Sony fell through, He created and has been playing with his own band Timmy James and the Blue Flames. Of course, no one likes a long bio so we’ll finish with this simple note: You better get your pen and paper out, these guys are gonna show you how to rock out!

Phillip Michael Parsons

Phillip Michael Parsons has spent the last four years building a fiercely loyal fanbase and the newest members of the “PMP Fam Club” are streaming in from coast to coast since its inception in November 2018 with proud members from 36 states, Canada, Australia, Europe and South America! Parsons plays an active role with his fan base on social media and looks forward to meeting new family members on his most extensive tour yet in 2019. His dynamic, high-energy performances never disappoint when he has entertained crowds of up to 40,000!

Splitting his time between Southern Maryland and Nashville, Parsons developed a consulting relationship with his manager, Julee Ann Seymour when he was just starting his music journey. Seymour insisted that he pay his dues in the music industry on his own before agreeing to sign him to a full-service management contract in August 2018. Smokeshow Entertainment has surrounded Parsons with trusted industry veterans who Seymour has developed professional relationships with since arriving in Nashville 17 years ago. Staying true to her management style, she made the connections possible for Phillip’s breakout single, “Breakin’ My Own Rules”, which was co-written with award-winning hit songwriters Clay Mills III (“Beautiful Mess”), Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean) and Mike Krompass (Smashmouth, Nelly Furtado) and produced by Krompass and Redmond, the multi-platinum production team at 1225 Entertainment. Parsons will be releasing a new album in 2019 with an equally impressive All-Star production team.

Parsons also begins his first nationwide radio tour when “Breakin’ My Own Rules” hits radio stations across America this year with the help of radio industry titan, Larry Pareigis and the team at Nine North Records. Already being added to radio stations in multiple states, Phillip Michael Parsons humbly envisions taking over the world, one radio at a time.

Ashes to Omens

Ashes to Omens is a 5 piece hard rock band from Athens, Ga. They formed in late July 2017 and have influences from all backgrounds of rock and roll. They’re currently booking gigs in the southeastern U.S., and working on an upcoming tour.

The band quickly released their debut single, “The Screws” in August in 2017 accompanied by a music video in February 2018. Their self-titled debut album hit the charts in June 2018 and catapulted them to the number one position for Rock on Reverbnation in Athens. Not long after the release of their album, the album was featured in Georgia Music Spotlight as being “energetic, straight ahead hard rock”. Full of monolithic mid-tempo hard rock riffs, anthemic (Slash-esque) guitar solos, and gritty, commanding vocals with the ideal level of attitude and energy for the genre.
In August 2018, the band opened for legendary Cinderella frontman, Tom Keifer to a sold out crowd at Innovation Amphitheater to an over-welmingly positive response and left with the crowd on their feet. As well as played gigs with several national acts, including Hallowpoint.
In December 2018, they added a second guitarist and began regional touring in the SouthEast.



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