Zydeco Kings

Zydeco Kings

The Zydeco Kings are a spicy mixture of old school rhythm & blues infused with the spirit of New Orleans, steeped in gumbo boogie woogie, a dash Caribbean soul, rollicking piano, accordion, guitar, saxophone, bass, drums and of course, some rubboard. The Zydeco Kings celebrate the music of Louisiana.

Members are: Bob Corlett, accordion, keys & vocals, William Drake, guitar & vocals, Jefferson Rice, horns, keys & vocals, Mike Covert , bass, Doug Smith, drums & Paula Hart , rubboard & percussion.

Gringo Stew

GRINGO STEW serves up authentic American music, with a touch of southwestern spice. These six musicians individually honed their craft on the beer-soaked stages of Austin and San Antonio, in the smokey bar rooms and concert clubs of Cleveland, Detroit, Boston and Nashville, and in sweaty barns and dance halls throughout the midwest. Whether performing their unique, or reverant, renditions of lesser-known works by great American masters, or their own lively and engaging originals, the musicians in GRINGO STEW insist on one critical ingredient: authenticity. Songs about real life and honest emotions.

$8.00 - $10.00

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Primarily Seated, General Admission 

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