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The Let Loose

We're a hot stewpot of rock and roll ready to serve up the sounds you can move your body to. Inspired by the pioneers of rock and roll, blues, country, funk, and soul, The Let Loose was formed by five friends just having a good time with no plans to quit. We're hellbent on quality music with a zero tolerance for bullshit. We're dedicated to you.

Art of Huckleberry

The Art of Huckleberry is a collective experience - a gathering of creatives - lead by FINN. FINN is a jazz pianist who specializes in Free Jazz (Freedom Jazz). Her music is inspired from a desire to break all confines in every avenue of life. FINN seeks, with each music engagement to work bring together works of art from all avenues in an effort to express how diverse the universe language is! However she is usually seen creating with Hadley Lloyd, a jazz drummer who hails from Chicago. Together, these two women are the foundation of the Art of Huckleberry. The Art of Huckleberry actively seeks to collaborate with various artist. Feel free to join this movement, this art.

Southwind Social Club



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