TRYBVL - The Party | w/ BLAQ PAGES + JEREMY SOLE (DanceAfrica)

Blaq Pages is an African Producer & DJ.

Jeremy Sole

JEREMY SOLE (89.9 KCRW, Afro Funké, theLIFT, Musaics) Chicago-born Jeremy Solen has been making beats since the MPC60, deejaying since rotary crossfaders were the standard, and playing clubs since he was too young to (legally) get in.

As a teenager, Sole's loft parties were a culture clash during the birth of Hip Hop and House music. He matured as a turntablist in Jazz, Dub and experimental hybrid bands. Jeremy's upbringing was seeped in the rich Chicago history of Blues, Jazz, Disco and Funk - and he reveled in that sacred space where they all blend together. As a kid he spent many nights in the alleys behind blues clubs listening through the air vents, before heading downtown to mix at deep Disco loft parties. Meanwhile his obsession grew to include music from every corner of the world.

In 2001 Sole moved to Los Angeles, and with his broad musical palette he felt right at home in the spiciest melting pot in the country.



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