Just In Time: Heat Ledger, CEEZAR & Dayebeats, If The Shoe Fits, Lydia Jane, The Cuckoos

Heat Ledger

Taking you places one set at a time.

CEEZAR & Dayebeats

A young, passionate, ambitious artist. Even at 17, Ceezar has been writing and performing music for more than a decade. As he grows, so does his desire to create the best material possible.

ITSF began as the Connoisseur Collective
The name represents a large friend group consisting of mostly Long Island talented boys and girls with and dreams of future success. As time went on, we’ve grown to be different individuals, but our friendship is something that has stayed strong since childhood.
"ITSF is the reflection of our Hip-Hop dreams. A different kind of ordinary."

Lydia Jane

21. From New York. Root beer enthusiast.

Heat Ledger

Taking you places one set at a time.

The psych-rock group from Texas (composed of Kenneth Frost, Dave North, Eric Ross, and Cole Koenning) is undeniably raising the bar in the modern rock scene, as their work possesses a level of innovation and skill that is largely unparalleled by most musicians today. Despite having just formed in 2014, The Cuckoos have cultivated such an advanced and intricate sound that one would easily assume that they’re veteran rockers without knowing otherwise.

Something that makes The Cuckoos stand apart from the rest is their impeccable ability to master and utilize multiple different styles of music, resulting in the ultimate auditory nexus for anyone who not only appreciates rock, but the work of genuinely talented musicians.


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