The Prescriptions

While The Prescriptions may come by their Southern style of
narrative songwriting honestly, they refuse to rest on the laurels of their musical heritage. Songs like “Hollywood Gold” reflect the bands deep appreciation for their musical heros while also showcasing the commitment and drive towards something new. The Prescriptions channel a broad range of influences, from the aching, unaffected honesty of ‘70s folk titans like Neil Young, to the guitar-driven melodies of The Strokes’ early recordings and the experimental energy of Wilco. All drawn to the musical environment in Nashville for similar reasons, the band consists of Birmingham native, singer-songwriter Hays Ragsdale, his longtime friend and bassist Parker McAnnally, his college classmate, Houston-raised drummer John Wood and accomplished guitarist Chris Luebeck from Southern California.

Fostered in the small but tightly knit Auburn music scene, Lady Legs writes off-kilter poppy garage rock odes to the smaller things in life. 2017 has seen the entire band relocate to Birmingham, Alabama, which they now call home. With this new territory they've submerged themselves into the music community and their fanbase is growing exponentially larger, gaining air time on college radio and the BBC. They are signed to the local label, Communicating Vessels, who released their 7" EP in the summer of 2016 and have their LP "Holy Heatwave" set to release in early 2018.

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