Deathcore/Downtempo band from Tampa, Florida.

"This North Vancouver 6-piece has managed to create one of the heavier and most fearsome Deathcore records we've heard in some time. In some ways, it breathes new life into the genre with some truly excellent moments and genre bending.
It's easy to recommend this album to all fans of the Deathcore genre and even just extreme music in general."
- The Circle Pit

AngelMaker is a 6 piece (Melodic/Deathcore) band based out of North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

All being friends from high school with the common goal of playing heavy music, we formed in 2011 released an early single and shortly after released our Debut EP 'Decay' in September of 2012.

After the largely positive response from 'Decay' we teamed up with Total Deathcore and released a split EP with Isolations and Lament in May 2013.

We released our first ever music video in October of 2014 with True Grit Promotions.

We then took some time to take everything we had learned from our previous releases and put forth our best product to date with our brand new full length album entitled "DISSENTIENT" which was released February 2015.

Sputnik REVEIWS - Angelmaker "DISSENTIENT":

ItDjents REVEIWS - Angelmaker "DISSENTIENT":

Pigsqueals And Breakdowns REVEIWS - Angelmaker "DISSENTIENT":

New Transcendence REVEIWS - Angelmaker "DISSENTIENT":

Following the success of "DISSENTIENT," AngelMaker wanted to make there mark by taking their live power accross their homeland. The 'Canadian Dissentients Tour' with fellow Canadians in Falsifier and Obliterate came to fruition. A cross-Canada 12 date tour which was selling out non-stop. During the tour, to further build media precence and hype, AngelMaker created 'Band of the Bill.' An 'On-Tour,' scavenger hunt/challenge based competition where bands compete for points, and the winner gets on and offline bragging rights, and to be crowned - 'Band of the Bill.'

Champing at the bit and wanting to push our music further, the band had been in contact with another momentous band in Deathcore: the Australian's in 'A Night In Texas.' Angelmaker and A Night In Texas teamed up to make waves in the scene by creating a monstrous Split EP made up of 3 songs per-band. What spawned was the 'Unholy Alliance' - released on Halloween 2016.

After the fantastic response in wake of the Candian headlining tour, AngelMaker will bring their 'Band of the Bill' success and legendary live performance to embark on a 32 date USA headlining tour in March 2017.

In 2017 AngelMaker won the opener spot on The Summer Slaughter Tour through online fan voting sharing the stage with The Black Dahlia Murder, Dying Fetus, The Faceless, Oceano, Origin, Rings of Saturn, and Lorna Shore.


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