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Mosaic is a patchwork of diverse, melodic, progressive, and powerful music made up of Carl Straka, Erik Martin, Nema Sobhani, Phillip Tacoronte, and Zachary Moreno. The breathtaking mountain ranges and beautifully serene plains of Colorado set the scene of inspiration for Mosaic’s signature blend of cinematic hard rock and pop influenced rock vocals. Formed from the dissolution of the band Beneath the Monument Carl, Erik, Nema, and Zack relentlessly refined their thunderous rock sound on their instrumental, "Fragments EP", while simultaneously searching for the perfect vocalist. After two long years of grinding and searching, Mosaic finally solidified its lineup and modern rock sound with Phillip’s soaring vocals and released their debut EP, “Collision EP” in June of 2015. They then re-released a remastered deluxe version of the Collision EP in July of 2017. Mosaic followed up this reimagined re-release with two home-run singles “Home” and “Playing With Fire” with their latest single “Hollow” dropping early February of 2019.
When compared to other artists, Mosaic’s music has been related to the music of bands like Bring Me the Horizon, Dance Gavin Dance, and A Day to Remember. After reviewing their latest releases Clayton Warwick, the co-founder of The Music Ninja, had this to say, “It’s not often you catch wind of someone who’s fusing pop-sensibility into their songwriting, alongside of beautiful complexity in instrumentation, but that’s exactly what Mosaic is pulling off with ease. Simply put, these guys rip!”
Mosaic’s unique pop-rock sound has launched them with urgency into the modern rock and post-hardcore scenes playing with bands such as A lot Like Birds, Dayshell, Hail the Sun, Eyes Set to Kill, I Set My Friends on Fire, The Orphan and the Poet, and the band Dead Rabbitts featuring Craig Mabbitt. The band is currently finishing up production on new songs and media that specifically highlights their signature blend of hard rock and alternative pop. New music and videos will be premiering all throughout 2019 to make it their biggest year yet.


Bluprint is a four piece rock band hailing from Denver, CO

Vocals - Joshua Moore
Guitar - Keaton Dean
Bass - Tyler Stark
Drums- Taylor Reid


We are Dang'O. Here for your listening pleasure.

Past of Ashes

Past Of Ashes Bio

Initially formed in 2013 by guitarist Danny LeSuer, Past of Ashes first started as an ambient rock band. After rigorous years of ever changing lineups, Monroe was the first member to officially join POA. In time Past Of Ashes found it’s first whole band, basing their sound off their hatred for scallops. Starting off playing at local Denver bars, such as Scruffy Murphy’s, the band was off to a good start. With no real direction, aside from playing as many shows as possible, POA slowly started to gain a reputation and a small audience. From Danny’s crazy head banging, to Monroe’s intense stage presence, the shows were starting to fill up. Issues started to come though as the year went on, and Past Of Ashes was soon without a drummer and bassist. Putting the band in a tough spot, with a concert for an A&R rep coming up, things started to look bleak. After getting nervous that the band might have to cancel (something POA had never done before), Justin was found just in time.
With a drummer now backing the band, the shows carried on. Playing places like Moe’s BBQ, and The Roxy, the band kept pushing through. Although they had a great current lineup, a bassist was still missing, and it was hurting the shows. With auditions going nowhere, Monroe stepped up and decided to pick up the bass. Singing and playing bass was no easy challenge, causing the first couple of shows to be stressful. This proved to pay off in the end though, as many thought the 3 piece was a good look for the band and Monroe. Also heightening the performance, POA starting playing bigger shows, such as the Summit and the Marquis, with bands like Mosaic, and No 1 Left Standing.
After playing these shows the band decided to step back and look into how to scale the band. Deciding to work on music videos, big shows, tours, and branding, the band has been hard at work. This new year, POA has been scheduling new shows, and working on the big stuff. getting ready to get back into it, with more to be announced soon.

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