The 131ers, Thrift, Inspired & The Sleep, EMÆL

The 131ers are from Torrance, California and play indie-folk-rock that frequently draws comparisons to "classic Americana." We're not sure what that means, but we like it. The band records all their music in their home built studio and produces their own music videos. A little bit of their blood, sweat, and tears can be found in everything they produce. But not literally, because that would be gross.

Based out of Southern California, Thrift is characterized by noisy garage rock tones mixed with pulsating rhythms and powerhouse vocals. The band aims to captivate audiences and listeners with their easily distinguishable sound. Anna Carmela (bass and vocals) refers to their style as "dirty disco," or, in other words, garage rock-meets-pop. Thrift seeks to grip audiences and listeners alike with the in-your-face production style, lead vocal intensity, wailing bass and guitar hooks, and fierce live performances.
"Forget the trends, the hype, and the breezy pop tunes for a second. Los Angeles-based THRIFT would swallow all synth-pop duos whole and spit them back out in the time one hits the power button on a Korg."

Inspired & The Sleep

Inspired & the sleep is the Los Angeles-via-San Diego based musical project of songwriter/producer Max Greenhalgh and multi-instrumentalist Bryce Outcault. With a revolving lineup of additional players, Greenhalgh and Outcault produce pop arrangements that are at once warmly familiar and sweetly off-kilter. Incorporating traditional indie-rock instrumentation with various electronic elements and vinyl sampling, the pop-rock outfit perpetually reinvents their sound while staying true to their groove-oriented backbone. Greenhalgh's gentle crooning on matters of intimacy, introspection and love - both lost and found - solidifies the project's pop ethos over an ever-shifting sonic backdrop.

Shapeshifters of the organic and electronic, EMÆL is an eclectic group that has converged many genres of music ranging from their classical roots to indie/alt-pop influences.



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