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American Slang

An ode to the misanthropic and nihilistic traditions established by late 90s Black Metal, Terranaut inverts these inspired sounds to a disarray of fast-picking melodic rhythm and lead guitar, unorthodox percussion arrangements to intrigue the listener, selective bass lines and raw traditional Black Metal-style harsh vocals to complete their style of American Black Metal. The instrumentation carries Pagan and Native lyrical substance that narrates the original people of the Western Hemisphere, the beauty of nature, and adds historical pieces to evoke a sense of thoughtfulness and emotion.

Terranaut is:

Lisa Jablonski- Vocals
Maciej Krolicki - Guitar
Nieko Rodriguez - Guitar
Patrick Okroj - Bass
Troy Hoff - Drums
Tony Hicks - Fife, Tribal Drum


The Untold

Heart of Jordan

Fierce Atmospheres

After 12 years in the making, the songs that were written from 2002 and on for this project have become developed to their fully realized state. Songs that have featured members from across 5 states including Nasty Savage drummer Curtis Beeson and former Death bassist Scott Carino, are being transformed to a new level. The current line-up for FA is now working towards making a reality of a review posted on The reviewer stating "Fierce Atmospheres should be among the progressive metal greats!!!" , is a statement that guitarist/songwriter Eric J. Gosselin (ex-Nasty Savage,Living Impaired,Abstract Psychology), drummer Ed Pukstys (ex-Slauter Xtroyes), bassist Lance King, and guitarist Steve Michals (ex-Gideons Pawn) have taken very seriously. In the last few months, the band has been in preproduction for another trip to Nashville to record at Blackbird Studio. At this session, the band will record a full disc of material including a cover of Alice Coopers Billion Dollar Babies for a tribute disc coming soon through Versailles Records. The band also recorded with producer Neil Kernon at RaxTrax Studio in Chicago for a tribute to Iron Maiden. With FA members having already done overseas work at Germany's Bang your Head Festival and Headbangers Open Air, the band is in rehearsals for shows to be played in Illinois,Kentucky and other states with hopes of bringing it's sound to European audiences in 2014....



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