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Cali Rodi: a musical glitter bomb. You’ll most likely find this bubbly blonde igniting the stage with ear candy that tastes more sassy than sweet. She most recently caught the attention of superstar Keith Urban, who signed her to a publishing deal with Kobalt. Cali has released singles this year that have landed on Apple Music's "Best of the Week" and "Breaking Pop" playlists as well as Spotify's "Feminist Friday" and "Fresh Finds."

Joe Daccache

Jonathan Joel

Jonathan Joel announces the release of his single "Mascara" the
title track from his upcoming EP. The single is a follow up from
his first release, "Stronger" in fall of 2017.
The song "Mascara" is part of a bigger picture of forthcoming EP
that discusses embracing all parts of ourselves-flaws and all,
personal growth and pursuing one's destiny and the process of
doing that, as well as addressing how he approaches
relationships personally.
With Memphis roots via New York, Jonathan landed in Nashville
with a classical violin background and experience of songwriting
and electronic production from college. The singer experiments
with a new genre of pop music based in electronic with gospel
inspired lyrics and self arranged string/violin components.
Jonathan is currently finishing his debut EP and planning on
upcoming tour of live music upon completion of the EP. The
singer is also expanding his music into TV & film through a
licensing company based out of Miami, FL-SoStereo.

Krigarè is known for her strong imagery with intense storytelling lyrics. Her electronic driven melodies, weighted with textured guitars, takes the listener on a cinematic journey of emotions, battles and empowerment. Krigarè first got her start in the music industry backing the piano for Kelly Clarkson at the Grammy Awards, but since then she has learned to carve her own path by breaking into the licensing world of cinematic/pop. With multiple songs licensed for film and television, and collaborations with artists from around the world, Krigarè is making her way and leaving her mark. She is a featured artist on the soundtrack for the new film Awaken which premiered in Estonia at the Black Nights film Festival. She has performed at the 2016 National NACA Conference, Evolution Music Festival, High School Nation tour, and colleges around the nation. With her newest album release titled "KRIGARÈ", Krigarè tells her compelling stories of surviving two different cancers all by the age of 18. "My life has been full of battles these last three years. It has been by far the most challenging years not only as a person, but also as an artist. I've had to find my voice again, and decide on who I am coming out of trying times. I am a WARRIOR!"

Although well experienced in acting with credits ranging from independent film projects, the Running and Plates, to major network TV appearances in Crossing Jordan, I'm With Her and Majors & Minors, Krigarè's first love has always been music. At the tender age of 8, Krigarè played the piano at the 2006 Grammy Award Ceremony for Kelly Clarkson's performance of "Because of You". Krigarè also played the lead role in the video version of the same song, and has appeared in other videos for Jarrod Neimann, Tenth Ave. North and Chris Folsom.

Since moving to Nashville from Los Angeles, Krigarè was introduced to song-writing at a very early age. She has had the honor of co-writing with Grammy winning top 10 chart writers such as Matt Squire, Andy Dodd and Jessi Alexander. Recently, Krigarè has co-written and collaborated with L.A. future/pop band NeoNoir for "On the Hunt", and with the Dutch hard style band Ecstatic for "Dead to Life", both currently with over 200k streams on Spotify. Her song "Falling Apart" was selected in the 2017 Nashville Film Festival, and "Destiny" written with Generdyn was licensed for the film All I See is You starring Blake Lively. Krigarè has been MTV's featured artist with her songs "Let Go" and "This Time" being heard on MTV's Teen Mom OG and Siesta Key. And the songs "This Time", "Thunder", "Never Stop" and "Falling Apart" have all been heard on Teen Mom Young + Pregnant. Recently, Krigarè has collaborated with Zayde Wølf, Generdyn, Joseph Trapanese of The Greatest Showman, and Grammy winner Jason Halbert creating a new cinematic/pop sound for her newly released album titled "KRIGARÈ".

Because Krigarè has grown up in the music business with her Grammy award winning father, she has been around some of the most influential artists and musicians, and several have even joined her on many of her projects. Krigarè's single "HEROES" featured Brian "Head" Welch of KØRN on guitars and Lester Estelle of Pillar on drums. Charles Esten, of the hit television show "NASHVILLE", has performed with Krigarè at the LLS Light the Late Night fundraiser for 3 years, and Kelly Clarkson has featured Krigarè in her Miracle on Broadway Christmas fundraiser.

Unfortunately, Krigarè's rise to success came to a halt when at age 16 she received news that she had stage IV Thyroid cancer, and then only six months later was diagnosed with stage I Melanoma. To be diagnosed with two completely different cancers at such a young age was devastating and rare. Instead of letting this news take her down, Krigarè made the impossible decision to become the true definition of her name WARRIOR, and fight to win these battles no matter what it took. After three surgeries, and much time spent in vocal therapy and exercise, Krigarè has risen from this tragedy redefining her herself. It's that same drive, determination and passion that fuels her music today.

Previously, Krigarè was a featured artist on the TV show Majors & Minors on the HUB Network, can be heard singing a featured track on the DVD "Barbie: A Mermaid's Tale", has worked with GeoGiRL, a line of cosmetics for tweens, becoming their brand ambassador and singing the theme song for commercials and website, and is also the voice for the accompanying video to the popular children's book The Wheels on the TukTuk written by Grammy award winning and New York Time's best selling author Kabir Sehgal.

When Krigarè is not out playing live, you can hear her music on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and many other world wide outlets, and in over 10,000 retail stores located in all 50 states, and on over 75 radio stations around the world. Make sure to keep in touch for upcoming tour schedules and new music releases by signing up for emails.... krigare@krigaremusic.com.

Mariela is a Nashville-based indie rock band known for their high-energy, lyric-driven synth pop. With soaring synth leads and electric piano riffs, their sound and stage presence evokes influences like Bleachers, The Killers and Coldplay.




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