Francis Aud, Milk

Francis Aud

Francis Aud is a Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and bandleader who writes and performs music that is almost as charming as he is.

A modern day entertainer whose main influences and inspirations range from the likes of the great troubadours and performers such as: Sam Cooke, Al Green, James Brown, Marvin Gaye, and more contemporarily, Allen Stone and Paolo Nutini, Francis writes, sings, and performs music that will make you dance, laugh, cry, feel things in your loins (but if you were feeling things in your loins before listening to his music please go see a doctor), and smile so hard your face will hurt, all while managing to be his funny, passionate, and genuine self on stage.


Formed in 2012 at Boston University, Milk began as a collaboration between guitarist Matt Brady and pianist Sam Taber. The group has expanded over the years into a four-piece with drummer H.L. Weatherby and bassist Tim Mensel completing the lineup. Milk pushed the boundaries of their sound on their last release, 2017's Horsetown Threshold, (released on Midnight Werewolf), as they incorporated heavy riffs, psychedelic grooves, and angelic harmonies on the album. They've played with the likes of Pile and Arbor Labor Union, bringing their songs across the country, and with a new EP completed, the group is setting out on tour again this spring.



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