"Local hellraisers Bangzz (integrate) lo-fi and appropriately confrontational femme-punk weds a Stooges stomp to five-alarm-blaze yelps." - Indyweek

Holy Monday, we're depressed. thank gawd for punk music!?

The Muslims - Black & Brown punk band from Durham NC.
We're queer moozlems & friendz, shitting on gummies with hardcore punk rock, hip-hip & sexy banter.
FaraH BaHbaH - drums
Abu Shea - Bass
QADR - vocals/guitar

KillerKroc - Atlanta grown 4 piece band with eclectic style that can be described as visceral and savage with many different influences ranging from punk, progressive, Japanese rock/metal, alternative, grunge, and a lot more. Over all we're uniquely killerkroc simple as that.
Will Wolf - guitar/vocals
Eli - guitar/vocals
Nao - bass
Zach - drums

Check out the smashing album review from PUNK BLACK:

Pre-order the album now at Don't Panic Records & Distro:

monies: $8.99 sliding scale dollars
doors: 8:30pm
music: 9:30pm

Severed Fingers

Sad and Angry



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