Stillborn Prodigy, Enhailer, goosed, Black Spirit Crown, Black the Sun, Custom Audio Mutation, Cult of Belial

Stillborn Prodigy

Death Metal/Couch Core Straight Outa The Coconut Sex Dumpster.


Mid paced, sludge,experimental, stoner, doom metal, progressive misanthropic dirt rock from Akron, Oh.

Northeast Ohio Heavy Metal Rock N Roll.

Black Spirit Crown

Heavy Doom Metal from Cleveland, OH.

Black the Sun

Originally known as Denegation or Intra Solis. After a founding member of Denegation, due to creative differences, parted ways. From then the 5 remaining members changed to Black The Sun. Black The Sun comes from the ashes of Denegations 5 year career in the NEO Music Scene to prove an evolved sound from its preceding sature.

Black The Suns image is a testament to the idea of unifying and adapting to survive the collapse of, life as we know it, a decaying reality. To black out the sun and fight for survival in the dark of the unknown ahead of us.

Custom Audio Mutation

Cult of Belial



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