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Hazel Hue

Alex Koukov (banjo, guitar, vocals) and Bridger Dunnagan (octave mandolin, fiddle, vocals) have been good friends and were bandmates in Bozeman based Bluegrass band, the Hollowtops for several years. They are now channeling their musical endeavors into a duo, Hazel Hue. Their name comes from a lyric in a song written by Towne's Van Zandt, one of Alex and Bridger's favorite songwriters: "Her age is always 22, her laughing eyes a hazel hue." Their original music displays influences of Bluegrass Old Time, blended with a modern, progressive flavor of singer songwriter. A set of music from Hazel Hue consists of bluegrass, old time, classic American folk songs, and saucy covers.

David Burchfield

David Burchfield learned to perform during summers of nightly campfire shows for 50 or more people, so far back in the mountains that lanterns were the light source and the well was where the water came from. No wonder he plays his guitar like a cannon and belts out lyrics like he’s unplugged even when he isn’t.
Burchfield writes American folk music that’s not content to stay within traditional genre boundaries. Taking cues from Josh Ritter and Joe Pug, Burchfield’s literate lyrics meet emotive grace in nods to Gillian Welch, Glen Hansard, and David Ramirez. There is a powerful candor in Burchfield’s writing – raw, emotive, and rich with details that bring the listener right into the scene of his passion. Whether it be tragedy found or narrowly escaped, Burchfield’s writing sounds like the joy of a man who knows how close the dark can creep to the light’s edge. Inspired as much by his native Kansas plains and his current home in the Colorado mountains, the landscapes of his nostalgia are ever present themes in Burchfield’s songwriting.
During his years performing, Burchfield has played the Middle of the Map Fest, Boulevardia, was featured in the Chevy Music Showcase, and has shared bills with Noah Gundersen, David Ramirez, Joe Pug, the Way Down Wanderers, and Beth Bombara.
Solo, Burchfield performs with a surprising ferocity and emotional delivery that has silenced even the rowdiest of rooms. Critics have called his 5-piece band, David Burchfield & the Fire Guild, akin to “the Band meets the Stray Birds” – equal parts all out rock n roll party and sensitively arranged balladry. Strands of mountain fiddle music and Texas country work their way into this seamless tapestry as well. What is this? Americana through and through. From the mountain campfire to the lights onstage across the country, Burchfield is drawing together his influences into a unique sound with something to say, and he’s singing loud enough to hear.

Jonny Miller

My first memories as a singer were with my mother. I would sing with her around the farm in Ohio as a very young boy. She would always be teaching me songs. By the time I was 6 years old we were singing duets on stage at our family church in Maryland. I grew up in kids camps where I was always a part of the music.
I also remember very fondly the road trips we would go on as a family. Singing along to Elton John, Creedence, the Eagles, the Beatles, among several other groups. I remember learning the harmonies to songs and singing with my mother for hours on end.
As I grew up joined bands throughout junior high and high school, always as the lead singer.
I picked up a guitar at 20 years old and learned to strum a few chords, quite poorly. After a few years of that I decided to get lessons. A teacher let me borrow his Tony Rice CD. It was over. I wanted to learn bluegrass music. I began to chase down other bluegrass and acoustic acts with a fervor. I couldn't get enough. I then began to go to shows, Alison Krauss at Red Rocks, the Steep Canyon Rangers at Midwinter Fest in Denver. Following a divorce I went to Telluride Bluegrass fest, my life was change forever. The amazing music that I heard, and wonderful people I met, made me realize that this was the community I wanted to belong to. One month later I went to Rockygrass, where I learned that I was a terrible guitar player. Ha! It took three years but I discovered the mandolin, and haven't looked back. Now after all these years I am determined to create my own sound, and share with as many people as I can. With the love and support of my friends, family, and musical family, I'm taking the steps to chase my dreams!!! Care to join me?

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