Young Wavy Fox DJ Set (12 AM) FREE, Moise, JayT, Kahlil Daniel, Leovina, Limit

Young Wavy Fox DJ Set (12 AM) FREE

20 Year Old R&B singer songwriter from Manhattan who currently has a new single called "Thinking Bout You" that has amassed 100,000 views on Youtube.

Kahlil Daniel is a true R&B artist who manifests his gifts through vocals, music production, and songwriting. He was born in 1989 with both of his parents being Marketing and Promotion Executives, having held senior positions at record labels such as Arista, RCA, Capitol, Casablanca, Mercury, Island, Electra, Atlantic and more. After being surrounded and blatantly exposed to R&B/Hip Hop culture, he gained a love and respect for the music at a young age. It was inevitable that Kahlil would begin to find and develop his own skills and eventually define his own sound.


Limit is a 20 year old artist from Houston, Texas.


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