The Goddamn Gallows

Spit from the heart of America's Rust Belt, arising from a night of flophouse violence. Drifting across the states, they cemented their sound in Portland, OR and later in Los Angeles, CA, where they lived in abandoned buildings, squatter camps, storage units and shoebox apartments.

Scott H. Biram

Rock ‘n’ Roll ain’t pretty and neither is Scott H. Biram. The self proclaimed ‘Dirty Old One Man Band’ successfully, and sometimes violently, lashes together blues, hillbilly and country precariously to raucous punk and godless metal.

Urban Pioneers

Mix one part Texas fiddle and one part Tennessee banjo, add doghouse bass and a splash of guitar and you have a delicious cocktail for your ears known as the Urban Pioneers. This string band hammers out a variety of original songs that encompass old time hillbilly music, western swing, rockabilly, and even a few gypsy type songs for good measure.

Skunk Daze

Skunk Daze was formed in 2011, for the sole purpose of making dirty, grimy, rock n roll. The sweet beats of VonBang specifically designed to get the everyday man, woman, child, cretin, and scum sucker through the tiring daily struggle. With the mix matched styles of the ever so crispy hammer bass lines of Arch, to the stoner metal grind of Wood's guitar, and Price's off the wall lyrics dirty enough to fill a New Jersey brand used rubber, the SKUNK will undoubtedly have you begging for more. This is real life, this is music, and this is Skunk Daze. Have you had you daily recommended dose of Skunk today?

The Boardwalk Kings

We play music that makes you want to dance.



$18 in advance, or $22 cash at the door

$5 Food & Beverage Minimum collected in cash at door for all ages under 21; Voucher redeemable in restaurant.

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