Straight To Hell: The Clash Tribute, Bollocks: Sex Pistols Tribute, The Hymans : Ramones Tribute

Straight To Hell: The Clash Tribute

The Clash were crucial to the birth of British punk and have become one of the most influential bands...ever. Straight To Hell faithfully recreate their legendary high energy live show, performing punk, reggae, and rockabilly spanning the full catalog. Venues include BB King's, Knitting Factory, Arlene's Grocery, The Great Hall of The Metropolitan Museum of Art as well as clubs all over NYC, Long Island and Philadelphia.

Bollocks: Sex Pistols Tribute

JR Bollocks - singing
Myke Hunt - guitar-ing
Syph Vagious - bass ”playing”
Jim J Bollock - drumming

Getting paid handsomely for doing very little and this gig will be no exception....

The Hymans : Ramones Tribute

Gabba Gabba (New)HEY(van)!
Formed in 2005, The Hymans are the Elm City’s first Ramones tribute band. Taking their pseudonyms from Joey’s real name (Jeff Hyman), these bruddahs get into character…way into character. Leather jackets, knee hole pants, this ain’t no high school dance.They walk, talk, and look like the original boys from Queens.

The Hymans are Ramones fanatics who play all the stuff...and more. Songs from the early days to “Adios Amigos” are incorporated into their ear-splitting, foot- shuffling set. Just like the real Ramones, The Hymans sometimes rotate their line-up. Unlike the real Ramones, they only play for very special occasions.

The original line-up of cretins making up the band are: Vocals: Mikey, aka Live Mike formerly of The Defcon Five and Model Chaser, Bass: J. Jay, aka John Meah of the Hulls and the Dial Tones, Drums: Bobby, aka Bob Rock of the Hulls, Saint Cobra, Shelter Dogs and many more bands, Guitar: Matty, aka Matt Wilson of The Wagon Riders, Titles, The Back and Forth of Courage, and literally shit loads of other great bands. Don’t be a pinhead no more!!! Leave home and see The Hymans.


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