Valentine's Day Special: "Sweethearts of the Rodeo" II

A special occasion featuring some of Denver's finest female-fronted country music!

Chella and the Charm

Originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin, folk singer-songwriter, Chella Negro, relocated to Colorado 2000. Though spending the majority of the past decade living in Denver has certainly informed her songs with a spirit that can only be lifted from the ubiquitous concrete and glass of the city, the soul of a life spent growing up in a midwestern town remains the heartbeat of the music. The seemingly mutually exclusive elements of country heart and urban savvy fuse seamlessly into a collection of songs that is at once unique and comfortingly familiar. Reflected in her singing simultaneously are the pain of heartbreak, the joy and wonder of life, and the wisdom gained from experiencing both. Chella faithfully carries the torch of singer-songwriter folk music past and current. The addition of Dave Pinto on Pedal Steel, Melanie Karnopp on Drums, and Jason Leija on Bass fill out the instrumentation and bring a decidedly Americana sound to the songs.
The Charm’s latest effort, Denver Delay, has been described as textured, lush, and captivating with a sound that speaks to the traditional country and western of yesteryear while expanding on bare bones, tastefully intertwining smart, modern lyricism and catchy indie singer/songwriter sensibility.

Jennifer Jane Niceley

Music has been my golden thread. It has given my life direction, albeit with plenty of twists and turns. My name is Jennifer Jane Niceley and I’ve been making music for most of my life. The fascination with melody and lyric began before I could speak. I feel the Country & Western, as well as the old-time mountain music, I heard predominantly in my early years remain a major influence on my writing.
I was born and raised on a farm near the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, into a family deeply tied to the land. My father is an eighth generation Tennessean, my mother a fifth generation Texan; when I was young we were often making road trips west with the likes of Ernest Tubb and Merle Haggard on the cassette player.
I’ve always been a singer and poet first — learning to play guitar as a kid allowed me to put it all together. At the same time finding my mother’s Joni Mitchell records were their own revelation, a kind of permission to do it my own way.
Making these connections now seems easy, after two decades of sporadically recording my own albums (including Luminous in 2007 and Birdlight in 2014, under Jennifer Niceley) living in Nashville and trying to “make it”, getting close and giving up, moving away and moving back…After an 8 year period of living on family land and giving my all to farming, I deconstructed my life and have been letting music lead the way again.
In the process I wrote my most recent album, Angels, Demons, Red-Tail Hawks, and recorded with Eric McConnell in his East Nashville home studio (right before I moved to Colorado). To me it is an album of questions, strung together by dreams and unnamed longings.
As Angels, Demons, Red-Tail Hawks makes its way into the world, I am happy to say I’m still following the golden thread. And I’m looking forward to making the next album, with these new songs born in a very different landscape from my home in Tennessee.

Ryann & Lee

Ryann & Lee are a Colorado duo performing traditional country songs with warm, classic vocal harmonies.

Five Mile Woods

Five Mile Woods is Jackie Zubrzycki



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