No Jumper Presents: Chief Keef

No Jumper, “the coolest podcast in the world”, is an online podcast show hosted by Adam 22. Adam, alongside co-hosts Lil House Phone and Robesman, interview everyone from famous rappers such as Lil Yachty and Riff Raff to up-and-coming artists such as XXXTENTACION and Ugly God to influential music industry professionals such as Yes Julz and Andrew Barber from Fake Shore Drive. The podcast was launched in June of 2016, and in less than six months, No Jumper has grown to be acknowledged and respected by music lovers across the globe.

American rapper from Chicago, Illinois (born August, 15, 1995).


lil house phone

lil house phone aka lil celly aka lil wifi aka sim card shawty aka lil land line aka yung guest list aka gluten free gangsta


Cam Girl was born in South Korea ​ and moved to the United States ​ when she was 4-years-old. In elementary school, she describes herself as nerdy with an interest in reading books and having glasses and braces at the same time. It was not until high school that she started being a trouble maker and ditched school. Despite her absences, Cam Girl maintained good grades throughout high school. In addition, when she was 16, she started going to a number of raves and underground events which would inspire her to become a DJ. [10] ​

Cam Girl graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz ​ which she described as a chill, hippie school. She attended university at the same time as Lena The Plug. After college, she moved back to LA and became part of the scene and would traverse HAM on Everything parties. [10] ​

Cam Girl first met Adam22 ​ when Lil House Phone ​ invited her back for a podcast. She came back for another podcast and started DJing for No Jumper from there. In addition to DJing, she used to handle organizing tours and running the No Jumper ​ online store. [10] ​ Cam Girl is a hip hop DJ and has DJ'd at a number of venues/events as well as toured across Asia ​. Wanting to go farther in hip hop, Cam Girl is working on new music as a rapper. Additionally, she does A&R work for different labels. [10] ​

Cam Girl has a growing cult following of fans. A growing meme among them is that they are willing to protect her at all costs.



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