Sgmaniak, Begonia, Ro Beau

Indie alternative with a heavy jazz influence.


Begonia’s Alexa Dirks has never been able to fit into the box of being a "conventional woman". “I’m loud, I’m awkward and I’ve always taken up space. I've done things my whole life that some people would tell me weren't appropriate 'for a girl'.” That narrative that once tore Dirks down is now what empowers her to take charge of her own story, in her own way.

Begonia’s songwriting style is largely autobiographical. “There’s always some element of me in these songs whether I like it or not,” she says bluntly. She gets to the heart of her subject matter, whether it’s learning to come into her own or confronting and processing a brutal heartbreak. Dirks’ intimate lyrics and audacious pop style sound allows for her audience to relate to the messiness of life with an honesty that is refreshing.

25 years old from Orange, New Jersey. Inspired from artist such as Jimi Hendrix, Coldplay, John Mayer, Lil Wayne, Drake, Daft Punk, Bill Withers, James Brown and Prince - his music is derived from a variety of genres. His music takes into consideration the way in which music itself is always changing and evolving just like us.


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