Hollywood Blanks, Storm Kid

Hollywood Blanks

Hollywood Blanks is a rock band from Baltimore, Maryland. They started out playing folk music, but in 2012 they shed their folk roots and began exploring something darker and heavier. While their lyrics are still rooted in a tradition of storytelling, their music has evolved into something dynamic, grungy, psychedelic and soulful. After years of honing their sound, each of their songs is able to capture an emotional narrative that is simultaneously driven by lyrical and musical depth.

Storm Kid

Storm Kid is the latest project from the Massachusetts born singer/songwriter Charlie Geyer, built on loud guitars and big choruses. The Brooklyn-based group has its roots in American alternative music, infused with melodies that harken back to the Britpop they grew up with. The band consists of Charlie (lead vocals/guitar), Chris Holdridge (drums), Ben Kogan (bass) and Tim Miles (lead guitar). Storm Kid's debut single "Shine" is due out summer of 2017.



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