Lunch with Bob, Off The Grid

Lunch with Bob

Lunch With Bob is a celebration of American Music, from bluegrass to rockabilly, country to the blues.

Lunch With Bob is Ratso (formerly with Kinky Friedman, Switchblade, Tex Rubinowitz and The Bad Boys), Jim Robeson (formerly the North Star Band, Cathy Ponton King, Pete Kennedy and many others), Paul Goldstein (formerly with the North Star Band, LHB Band, many others) and Gantt Kushner (also formerly with the North Star Band so many others he just can't remember!).
Lunch With Bob has been getting amazing responses in venues all over the Maryland/DC/Virginia area from kids of all ages! People love to rock and Lunch With Bob LOVES to rock ‘em! Contact us to talk about bookings!

Steve Leads & Off The Grid Band

The “Off the Grid” Band (OTG) is a Rock/Funk/R&B band based out of Southern Maryland. The band consists of four musicians (bass, drums, guitarist, and keyboards) and was founded in the
summer of 2017 by guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Steve Leads who originates from northwestern North Carolina. We are one of very few predominantly black “rock-style” bands in the DMV area. OTG’s vibe originates from multiple genres including classic rock, rock, blues and funk and reflects Lead’s experience as a musician.

Steve Leads recently released a new album titled “Off the Grid”. The diverse blend of songs on the album are a good reflection of who the band is (rock, funk, ballads, other...). The album can
be downloaded from iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, CD Baby etc. It can be found under the artist name, Steve Leads. OTG performs some originals live, but most of the songs we perform
are familiar cover tunes. OTG’s mission is to attract a diverse following of people who enjoy music from multiple genres!

$10.00 Cash at the door

Tickets Available at the Door

Tickets are $10.00 Cash at the door

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