The Slipper Room Midnight Show (12am & 1am sets)

The Slipper Room Midnight Show (12am & 1am sets)

Late night risqué shenanigans for those who like to go all night long.


Muffy Styler

Muffy Styler lives a lush life in some of the most celebrated dives in the world where she sings jazz and enjoys twelve o'clock tails and never holds back saying what is on her mind. Her motto " Romance is mush, stifling those who strive"

Lucy Licious

Aerial, silks, trapeze and rope performer.

Faux Pas

New York City based performance artist and acrobatic burlesque star.

Aurora North

Acrobatic burlesque artist

Nina LaVoix

New York based burlesque dancer and producer.

Deity Delgado

Mind Bending Performance Art from one of New York City's best-loved performers.

Jessabelle Thunder

There is a storm brewing and she’s bringing the Thunder! Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, this self-described wallflower took her first burlesque class back in 2009 and hasn’t stopped since. Voted one of LA's top 13 burlesque performers by Time Out Magazine.

Cassandra Rosebeetle

Burlesque, dance and dark delights from one of New York City's most acclaimed performers.

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