The Slipper Room Show: Glitter Gutter

The Slipper Room Show: Glitter Gutter

Smart and quirky variety and neo-burlesque hosted by Slipper Room founder, James Habacker.

James Habacker

James Habacker MC's the show in the guise of one of his various different characters. He is also the and Artistic Director of the Slipper Room. He's much older than he appears here in his picture.

Ellie Steingraeber

Aerialist powerhouse

Rain Supreme

The Black Gold of the Sun. Rain Supreme is a NY based burlesque performer.


NYC-based burlesque act.

Sean Blue

NY based juggler and balancing artist

Topher Bousquet

He's a bendy, friendly contortionist + super hooper

$12 (general admission) / $15 (door) / $30 (reserved seating)


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