Ava Mendoza

Ava Mendoza

Ava Mendoza is a guitar player/composer in Brooklyn, NY. She has played in a wide variety of groups-- heavy rock/avant jazz/improvised music/contemporary classical. Her solo work draws a lot from early country and blues tunes, reworked in her own way. In any context she tends to tread a wobbly line between melodicism, atonality and sonic abstraction. Ava is an extremely curious person who loves a lot of very different sorts of music.


Headroom first took flight in 2016 as the solo outlet for New Haven musician Kryssi Battalene, née of regarded noise project Colorguard & guitarist for psychedelic voyagers, Mountain Movers. Headroom sprung forth from the fertile and underrated New Haven scene - a musical patchwork of punk, hardcore, noise & experimental music all sharing the same stages & DIY spots and creating a musical identity all their own.

Battalene's talent flourished & soon enough, her signature style of guitar was infiltrating & influencing a new crop of New Haven musicians; part Twisted Village / PSF Records-influenced white noise maelstrom, part nuanced, beautiful six-stringed draperies. Battalene’s talents have graced recordings & stages with Estrogen Highs, Medication, Secret Treaties & Stefan Christiansen & Friends, but “Head In the Clouds” marks the first long-player for this, her current solo project (after a well regarded cassette EP on the C/Site imprint).

Across the album’s alternatingly harsh & beautiful five tracks, Battalene masterfully coaxes her guitar into a myriad of tastes and textures, from lumbering opener “How To Grow Evil Flowers”s psychedelic squall to more placid tracks like “Millers Pond” or “Flower of Light”, where she tempers her feedback to guide the tunes to new horizons. The title track’s pulsing guitar/synth interplay offers an eight minute respite before swan diving back into a fog of feedback. “Head In the Clouds” could be seen as the companion piece to Mountain Movers’ ‘s/t’ 2017 album, but with Battalene at the helm, Headroom eschews that band’s (ever so slightly) more traditional take in favor of a dizzyingly creative experimentalism. “Head In the Clouds” is an album meant to get lost in.

T Wreck is a driving quartet from New London, CT that forges the proto synth-punk of The Screamers and Suicide with urgent scream-poetry, conjuring a sound that’s been described as Rage Against the Machine/Beastie Boys on acid. Daniel Boroughs’(Ferocious Fucking Teeth) vocals give way to his most cathartic impulses while riding the thunderous oscillations of synth dudes David Freeburg (Fatal Film) and Justin Credabel (Incognito Sofa Love), pushed along by the heavy-hitting funk/rock drums of Michael Winslow (Fatal Film, Incognito Sofa Love).

T Wreck started as an improvisational freakout ensemble hastily whipped together to fill an opening at New London’s Sailfest in 2017. The collision of influences was infectious and was soon followed by practices and song development. In the winter of 2018, live-audio engineer Andy Stackpole (Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Bad Brains) captured the band with 14 mics (no overdubs) and mixed their new six song EP No Nada (New Lo Records).

Moving forward the band continues to explore new sounds as part pleasure, part therapy, with the perpetual goals rocking out new spaces and making personal connections & collaborations with like-minded sonic voyagers.

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