Philadelphia alt-rock outfit Presages formed in the spring of 2018. The band consists of Albert Collazo on bass, former drummer of In Place Justin Leggio and Hardwork Movement drummer Angel Ocana on guitar. The band recently celebrated their sophomore release Medicine Man in the spring of 2019.

Julia Rainer

Julia Rainer sings her truth. With a foundation of love, loss, grief, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, recovery, and awakening, she has a strong belief in honesty, compassion, and the wisdom of experience. Inspired by those who have come before her—Hank Williams, Odetta, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Nico, Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckley, Tom Verlaine, and Jenny Lewis—she seeks to make music that empathizes. Raw guitar playing, simple folk song structure, and soulful, hauntingly sung lyrics define her sound. Sometimes compared to Hope Sandoval, Sinead O’Connor, Cat Power, and Alanis, Julia finds herself in good company 🙂

Julia has quickly found a foothold in the now-flooded Philadelphia music scene. Her debut LP “Spirits,” out September 15th, 2017 via Creep Records, is the culmination of her tireless work on her craft through her years of trials and tribulations. Spirits is both devastating and hopeful with an honestly that excludes any pretentiousness. Julia Rainer bares her soul and...

Chelsea Sue Allen

American ambient indie rock artist born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and currently based in Philadelphia.

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