Pompeii Graffiti

Pompeii Graffiti

"The choruses are big. The hooks are catchy. And the most important element of a song, the lyrics, never fail. They get flamboyant and they get insightful" - Trebuchet Magazine

Hailing from Annapolis MD, Pompeii Graffiti is synthy, cello shred, big guitar, intricate drums... Ok ok.. everything is awesome. For fans of old school Weezer, Bright Eyes, Pixies.

The House You Grew Up in

THYGUI honed their gravelly indie rock sound over the years in damp basements and sweaty garages across the Washington, DC area. Their music is marked by its incisive lyricism, off-kilter melodies, and driving rhythms. You may catch a nostalgic nod to their indie idols of the late 90s (Built to Spill, Pavement, etc.), but it is more likely you will be too busy waiting expectantly for the next group sing-along.

The Meer

The Meer is a three piece from Maryland. They create a unique sound from elements of heavy psychedelic, indie alternative, dark, introspective, and straight forward minimalist rock. The Meer plays hundreds of shows across the six states surrounding the DC metro area. They strive to uphold strong DIY ethos, and promote a supportive community for independent musicians everywhere.

Blue Plains

Blue Plains is an indie rock band from Washington, DC whose musical range spreads it’s wingspan from singer songwriter to arena rock. Their music has been compared to Wilco, Radiohead, Mumford, and Arcade Fire.

Their first release blends alternative rock, roots, and indie sensibility into creative songwriting and original arrangements that transcend alt rock norms. They have hundreds of influences but sound like Blue Plains more than anything else.

$10.00 - $12.00


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