Grumby  DJ Set (11PM FREE), Chris Ruben Band, Grand Gesture, Benevolent Dictators, MV Caldera

Grumby DJ Set (11PM FREE)

Chris Ruben Band

After 5 plus years of working solo, songwriter and musician Chris Ruben founded the first of many groups in late 2014. Many twists and turns befall us all in life. The band has seen many faces come and go. Now they are family. With this unity, love for music and friendship with one another, they are unbreakable and ready to rock the world.

Grand Gesture

Grand Gesture is a Brooklyn-based guitar rock band that emphasizes creative song writing, seamlessly crossing genre boundaries, and stylishly interweaving sophistication with infectious catchiness.

Musically, Grand Gesture's influences span various genres including psychedelic rock, jam, rockabilly, indie pop, and punk. The hallmark of the band lies in their ability to craft high quality songs across a variety of genres. The band aims to write songs with pop song precision, yet they have a deep respect for improvisation so it's not uncommon for the material to take on new directions in the live setting.

Benevolent Dictators

A classic rock, southern rock, blues and country cover band based in Granby, CT. We play clubs, private parties, fairs and other events in CT, Mass and Rhode Island.

Venezuelan songwriter, musician and producer. With a degree in music from the Cecilio Acosta University located in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Master in music from University of Edinburgh, She has also been a sound engineer and vocal coach in New York City since 2013. Her yearning to show the audience her talent pushes her to give it a try in a famous Venezuelan reality show called "Camino a la fama" on Televen where she got second place. His album ''Segundo piso'' was a Latin Grammy 2018 in the category ''Producer of the year'' also was a nominee in the Premios Pepsi Music in the category ''Artist of the year'' and ''Album of the year''.


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