Frank Orrall (of Poi Dog Pondering)

Frank Orrall (of Poi Dog Pondering)

Frank Orrall is the founder, frontman / guitarist for the Rock & Soul group; Poi Dog Pondering
He is also: Percussionist and Singer for the D.C. based Mod dub Rockers; Thievery Corporation.
(His other side projects include: Palm Fabric Orchestra, and, 8fatfat8).

Raised in the Hawaiian Ocean, Frank Orrall is the Son of a Solar Physicist Father, and a Folk song singing Mother. Learning Guitar from his Mother, and a love of poetry and nature from his Father; Frank began to record a series of homemade solo cassette albums out of his bedroom in 1984, and released them on consignment at local record stores around Honolulu and Southern California, under the moniker; Poi Dog Pondering. Since then he has lived between San Francisco, New York, Austin Tx., and Chicago. Collaborating along the way with a wide array of fantastic Musicians & Co-conspirators; releasing 8 full length albums as PDP, and traveling extensively with them (and Thievery Corporation); For the love of Music, Prose & Adventure.

Street Musician. Drummer. Guitar Player. Writer of Prose. Body Surfer.
Collector of instruments, Record albums and Swim Fins.
Touring Musician: Poi Dog Pondering, Thievery Corporation (& Federico Aubele's early tours)
He Loves to Cook, Drink Wine & Play Music.
Biggest Dream: To voyage the Pacific on a sailboat".

Currently residing in Denver CO, Lori Amey has played both small, intimate venues across the country, and some of the biggest stages, shared with the most celebrated artists of all time, including Sarah McLachlan, Bonnie Raitt, Indigo Girls and Natalie Merchant, to name a few. Lori takes her audience on a deeply personal, musical odyssey with each recording and live performance, most recently demonstrated by her latest LP Big and Bold (released Jan 2018). The LP reveals the many facets of the artist - the bold, beautiful rock star, the folksy campfire storyteller, the soulful barroom balladeer, and the totally relatable, accessible pop singer. As the listener, you’re completely intertwined in the tapestry of thoughts and feelings, authentic and clearly drawn from real life, to the point that you're left wondering how anyone has the capacity to actually vocalize it all, but induced by Lori’s voice, often sweet but strong, at once unbowed and then completely vulnerable - but at all times, totally captivating. Her widely assorted, constantly evolving musical style along with her down-to-earth, disarmingly honest songwriting are reminiscent of Brandi Carlile spliced with Young the Giant. Lori Amey is at once like these artists but at the same time like no other - someone who completely defies categorization, marginalization, imitation or cliché.

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