Adlet, Stonecutters, Kamikaze Zombie, Æthenoth


Rock from Birmingham AL

It is what it is. Gritty and groovy.

Metal from Louisville KY

American doom metal / sludge metal band

Louisville Kentucky heavy hitters STONECUTTERS are led by vocalist/guitarist Brian Omer, formerly of My Own Victim, Slapshot and The Hookers. My Own Victim released several albums on Century Media Records and toured with Suicidal Tendencies, Biohazard, Merauder. From the ashes of MOV, Omer enlisted three other like-minded musicians to create the best live show of heavy, punishing, genre-bending music. With influences ranging from Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Death, Neurosis, Motorhead, Agnostic Front, Mercyful Fate and early Metallica. Stonecutters bring a fresh take on nostalgic heavy metal. The band has toured the US extensively and released four albums over the last 10 years.

Slayer, Death, Obituary, High on Fire, Kreator, Baroness, Kvelertak, Botch

Gwar, Goatwhore, Anthrax, Eyehategod, Crowbar, Deicide, Macabre, Machine Head, Mastodon, Down, Clutch, Sacred Reich, Testament, Misery Index, Obituary, Ringworm, Ghoul, Black Label Society

GwarBQ, Berzerker, FireBreather, Full Terror Assault, Ogrefest, Doomed and Stoned, Wvrmfest, SxSw

Kamikaze Zombie

horror punk, gutter punk,noise rock, shock rock, thrash metal,stoner, doom, black metal from Birmingham AL

Kamikaze Zombie started in 2014. They are heavy band from Birmingham Al, with multiple influences from hard rock, metal and punk. All of these very different influences led them to become their own genre of heavy music with multiple styles flowing through every KZ song. Kamikaze Zombie pushes to bring "old school" back to the masses with horror movie, serial killer themed stage shows and lyrics, black metal melodies, doom/sludge/death metal breakdowns, and in your face punk /thrash aggression.


doom, death, tinges of psychedelic from Birmingham AL

Allen Eaton - Guitar, Vocals
Chris Hendrix - Drums, Vocals.

Heavy doom /death, exploratory jazz and classic metal. Our approach is chaos-based, so we might do just any goddamned thing. You have been warned.



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