Doomgaze/Psych from Denver Colorado.

Nox Novacula

Nox Novacula is an apparition. Emanating from the pallid, meager cemetery known as Seattle, Washington, Nox Novacula assumed the form of flesh in 2017 in an attempt to spread their hymns of gothic rock n' roll to the unassuming masses.

No Gossip In Braille

No Gossip In Braille performs live shows and is in the process of recording several songs. The band is comprised of Keith Curts (current and former bands - Echo Beds, Ghost Orchids, Glass Hits) and Bryan Becker (former bands - Annik, Carousel, Lone States). Both Keith and Bryan share duties playing and recording all instruments ( guitar, bass, bass VI, baritone guitar, keyboards, drum machines, and samplers) The band plans to release a demo and/ or album in the next year. Currently there are no recordings available.

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