The Undead

The Undead

The Undead is a punk band formed in 1980 in NYC by former Misfits guitarist Bobby Steele

Releasing their first EP, 9 Toes Later, on Stiff Records in 1982,
followed by numerous singles and EPs, and 4 full-length studio albums; Act Your Rage (1989), Til Death (1998) Dawn of the Undead (1991, 2006) and The Morgue The Merrier (2015) , The Undead have continued to tour worldwide and record.
The current lineup's latest release, Having An Undead Summer, features artwork by Tim Jacobus (Goosebumps books)
They are working on an upcoming release for 2019
and have plans for extensive touring.

Something Ferocious

From Southern California Something Ferocious this way comes. A furious blend of high energy rock and roll mixed with punk rock angst. Originally established itself as a hard working and explosive live act. The band frontman Ryan Pena Hard hitting drummer Greg Stillman. alongside guitarist Kris66 & guitarist Nate Cole with Frost on bass !!! band had connected and began writing all new music. from the previous glam punk style and was taking off in an entirely new direction. A stripped down more explosive rock and roll sound. Once the guys laid down the first couple of tracks they knew they had something different. They had something special. They had Something Ferocious. Thus the band was born. Look for new music and shows in 2014. This is a band not to miss live! You've been warned.



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