Amanda White Band, Alchemilla, The James Rocket

Bi-located in New York and Boston, Amanda White and her band recently released their second studio album, Kittens Give Zero Fucks. With original rock tunes ranging from pop-punk to symphonic metal, this tight 4-piece thrives under White’s operatically-trained but hard-rocking voice. With a wicked sense of humor (see “Ur Wife,” “Where the Hell is Amy?”, “Monica’s Getting her Tits Done”) and a thrilling way with guitars (give “Dark Art” or “Fuckall Rockstar” a spin), this band never bores.

Female fronted Alchemilla is a mix of old and new influences including Soundgarden, Billie Holiday, Neil Young and Amy Winehouse. Think 70’s guitar meets 90’s angst. If Sylvia Plath and Jimmy Page had a bare-knuckled brawl then shared drinks with The Doors and Sleater-Kinney, Alchemilla would be playing in the background.

Melodic guitar-driven old-school indie rock. Often pop but never precious. The James Rocket sings about bartenders, time, roller derby, lies, dolls, spy planes, and the rent.



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