Karnawal w Sloncu - z Patrizio Buanne

Karnawal w Sloncu - z Patrizio Buanne

International superstar Patrizio Buanne is taking the world by storm with his seductive ‘Julio Iglesias-meets-Tom Jones’ mixture of ballads and bravado. On his last release and U.S. tour ‘ITALIANISSIMO’, he delivered again entertainment with a romantic backdrop.

In fact, The Boston Globe, in a Critic’s Pick of the Day, said, “Think Tom Jones, Italian style…” Time Out NY commented, “You’ll feel like you’re in a Scorsese movie.”

“This international singing sensation is going to be around a very long time so learn the face, learn the voice, learn the name…PATRIZIO!” – Larry King

For Patrizio Buanne, it is all about the voice, and an instinctive ability to convey real emotion. The dark, ruggedly handsome singer, who speaks fluent 6 languages and recorded in several other languages, has already won over a legion of fans with previous albums rooted in the pop traditions of his Southern Italian homeland that he released internationally. Buanne has performed over the years for such luminaries as The Pope, Royal Families, a US President, and numerous other celebrities.

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